Submission Guidelines


Here, you can find an overview of the animago AWARD submission guidelines. Please send your entries as soon as possible. Please note that the animago organizers will not pay any customs fees, duties, tariffs or mail charges incurred by your submission.


Productions with content contrary to law or with obnoxious themes will be not accepted by the German animago host (ATEC Business Information GmbH).


"Educational material with no commercial value"


Participation is free of charge. The number of entries is not restricted. If you register more than one entry, you may send them in one package or even on a single storage media.


Possible entry types are: STILL and FILM:




A still is defined as a picture that has been created predominantly using 3D software. However, a mixture with real elements is allowed as well as touch ups using 2D paint software. The focus is on the modelling of objects, how materials have been used, and how the lighting and perspective have been implemented considering the picture’s message. The use of new technologies and the submission’s originality will also be evaluated.


Submission requirements:

  • Naming convention: please use the entry number as the file name (e.g. 0024.jpg). The entry number will be created by the website after application.
  • File format: JPG RGB without compression.
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1280 pixels minimum, 24 bit color depth.
  • Please register only one still per entry. If your entry is consists of more than one still, please register each one separatly and use the same name plus consecutive numbering.


Submissions must be sent via email to, indicating the production title and the submission number, which is provided by our online registration system.




This type serves as a reservoir for films that have been created predominantly using 3D software, as well as compositings. The focus is on how authentic and convincing 3D objects, lighting and camera angles are. However, the dramaturgy, editing and story will also be evaluated by the jury, taking the submission type (e.g. architecture, art, advertising/commercials) into consideration.


Submission requirements:

  • The film format should be FullHD (1920x1080 25p) for best possible quality. Lower resolutions are of course accepted, but we would appreciate, if you would scale according to this specifications.
  • Please send your entry in one of the following digital formats: AVI, MPG or Quicktime.
  • Only standard codecs are allowed. No other codecs (e.g. Hardware-related) will be accepted.
  • Naming convention: please use the entry number as the file name plus the file format (e.g. The entry number will be created by the website after application.
  • Media and formats: CD, DVD, BluRay, USB-Stick or USB-Harddisc. The postal address can be found within the automatic reply email after entry registration. As an alternative, online-transfer is also possible: please provide a download link, a FTP-Access or make use of one of the free online transfer services such as DROPBOX or WETRANSFER.
  • In addition to the film itself, a representative still is required. It will be published in the special animago issue of DIGITAL PRODUCTION magazine, and will be used on the animago website. The still needs to have a minimum resolution of 720 x 576 pixels. Please choose a lossless RGB JPG file format. The still has to be sent via email to, indicating the submission ID and production title. Please use the entry number as file name (e.g. 0024.jpg).



Your contact for all questions regarding the animago AWARD:


Günter Hagedorn

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