animago AWARD Categories 2017

In 2017 the best production will be awarded in these categories.

Best Still

Our expert jury chooses the three most compelling stills on the basis of design and aesthetic qualities. The key evaluation criteria are photorealism, technical execution, character design and artistic standard. The ultimate winner is then chosen from out of the three nominees via public voting.

Winner 2016

„52Hz“, Cornelius Dämmrich, Germany

Best Visual Effects

This award honours the most successful blend of live-action film and visual effects. Assessment criteria include originality, believability and technical perfection.

Winner 2016

„Captain America - Civil War“, RISE | Visual Effects Studios, Germany

Best Game Cinematic

Game trailers and in-game visuals in cinema quality: in this category, the jury honours originality, design and digital execution as well as the most outstanding dramatic composition.

Winner 2016

„For Honor“, Unit Image, Ubisoft, France

Best Short Film

This award honours the best film concept, technical execution and storytelling. The jury also evaluates character design and animation, among other factors. The category encompasses everything from mixed forms of CG and live-action film to pure 3D animated films.

Winner 2016

„Uncanny Valley“, 3DAR, Federico Heller, Argentina

Best Advertising Production

When considering the best advertising production, the jury looks for originality as well as visual aesthetics. On the technical side, they also take into account the effective use of VFX, animation, music and sound.

Winner 2016

„Face the Darkness“, Andreas Bruns, Philipp Walz, Carl Schröter, Francesco Faranna, Emanuel Fuchs, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Best Character

The best CG character is chosen on the basis of design, modelling, animation and authentic integration in the film. The character’s ability to evoke an emotional response is also considered.

Winner 2016

„Alike“, Daniel Martínez Lara,Rafa Cano Méndez, La Fiesta Producciones Cinematograficas, Spain

Best Visualization

This award honours the most successful illustration of a subject, product or process by means of computer animation. The evaluation criteria include the original concept, digital execution and educational effectiveness.

Winner 2016

„A Guide To Happy“, Panoply Creative, Great Britain

Best Young Production

This award carries prize money contributed by DIGITAL PRODUCTION totalling €3,000

The best university-level project completed in the field of CG film: the evaluation criteria include the original concept, dramatic portrayal, technical execution as well as character design and animation.

Winner 2016

„Garden Party“, Théophile Dufresne, Florian Babikian, Gabriel Grapperon, Lucas Navarro, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Claire, MOPA, France

Jury’s Prize

The animago jury uses this award to honour a unique production that stands out as a result of its unique concept as well as its captivating combination of visual imagery and technical execution.

Winner 2016

„Ma'agalim“, Uri Lotan, Yoav Shtibelman, Jane Bordeaux, Israel

Best Motion Design

The Motion Design Award emphasises work with graphic elements of all kinds. The evaluation criteria focus on the film’s concept and originality as well as the ability of its visual execution to evoke an emotional response.

Winner 2016

„Urban Surfaces“, Sebastian Lange (Qu-int), Peter Hankowiak (AV Medien), Germany

Best Architecture Visualization

This award honours the best film in the field of architectural visualisation. The jury’s evaluation criteria include design, project concept and overall composition and is supported by DETAIL magazine.

Winner 2016

„Spatial Bodies“, AUJIK, Stefan Larsson, Japan

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