Programm Board 2019

The program board consists of VFX/Animation professionals. The members bring in some new ideas and inspire the animago conference. Every program board member curate and host a special conference topic with some talks. Thank you very much to all program board members.

Programm Board Chairman

Thomas Gronert

Head of Department, Digital Film Design
Mediadesign Hochschule München, Germany

Prof. Thomas Gronert is Head of the Department of Digital Film Design - Animation/VFX at MD.H Mediadesign Hochschule in Munich.

Members of the Programm Board

Matthias Buehler

Founder & CTO
vrbn studios AG, Switzerland

After graduating from ETH Zurich (MSc Arch ETH Zurich), Matthias has worked in landscape architecture, architectural visualization and then has been part of the CityEngine development team for almost 5 years.

Mike Hermes

Professional YouTuber / 3D Artist / Educator
MH Tutorials, Netherlands

Mike Hermes YouTube channel is dedicated to 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging and animation tutorials.

Matthias Zabiegly

Senior 3D
Aixsponza, Germany

Matthias Zabiegly is a veteran 3d artist who has gathered more than ten years of industry experience. He is currently working as Head of 3D and Set Supervisor at Aixsponza GmbH in Munich.