Submission Guidelines for the animago AWARD 2018

Organisation & Objective of the 2018 animago AWARD

The German-language digital-media magazine DIGITAL PRODUCTION has organised and implemented the animago AWARD annually since 1997. From 2009 until 2015, the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg was the event’s major funding partner. Starting in 2016 the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs and Media, energy and Technology and the Munich City Department for Culture will be supporting the animago project. The animago AWARD is a competition that honours outstanding international work in the fields of 3D Animation & Still, Visual Effects, Visualization and Design.

An independent jury of experts selects three nominees per category and chooses a single winner from out of these three. The “Best Still” and “Best Feature Film” categories are simultaneously a readers’ choice award organised by DIGITAL PRODUCTION magazine. In this particular case, readers of DIGITAL PRODUCTION magazine as well as members of the Social Media Communities are given the opportunity to vote online and choose a winner from out of the three nominated entries. The final winners in all categories are presented with their awards at a gala ceremony held during the animago AWARD & CONFERENCE on 25/26 October 2018. The animago is a leading international gathering that takes place in Munich´s Gasteig Cultural Centre.

The international standing of the animago AWARD is underlined by the almost 1,000 submissions it received from 58 different nations in 2017. For creatives working in the field of digital media production, the animago offers an opportunity to showcase and compare their work among the digital community. The animago acknowledges both established professionals and young and up-and-coming talent in equal measure. The animago considers itself to be a promoter and dynamic platform for a rapidly evolving industry. It links creativity and art using digital tools with a high level of technical expertise and also works to enhance public awareness of the industry.

The animago process is carried out by DETAIL Business Information GmbH (publisher of DIGITAL PRODUCTION magazine) and involves no recourse to legal action.

Conditions of Participation

Projects completed anywhere in the world after 1 January 2015 are eligible for submission to the 2018 animago AWARD as long as they have not been entered into the animago competition before. Among those entitled to participle in the animago are studios, film production companies, agencies, freelancers, private individuals, students and graduates of universities and professional training institutes all over the globe. Participation is free and there is no limit to the number of submissions permitted. However, each submission must be registered individually on the animago website, seeing as each project must receive its own unique submission number.

In the case of commissioned works, the organisers will assume that the individual or entity submitting the work has been given permission to participate in the animago competition and/or that he/she is in possession of the unrestricted copyright to the submission. The deadline for submission is midnight on 30 June 2018 Central European Summer Time in Munich, Germany. The organisers of the animago retain the right to grant an extension of the submission deadline. If the organisers choose to do so, the extension will be communicated via the website

The organisers are entitled to reject submissions if they are considered to contain offensive and/or illegal content. The organisers can also reject a submission if it does not meet certain technical criteria. There shall be no recourse to legal action.


All works can be submitted online only. The registration form as well as the communication with the participants is available in German and English.


Registration & Login

All individuals or entities interested in participating in the animago competition are required to register online and sign in using an email address and password. Registration and login are free of charge. Personal data will be collected at the moment of initial registration. In order to register, each author will be obliged to accept the Privacy Policy and General Terms and Conditions put forward by DETAIL Business Information GmbH and the animago AWARD.

The animago submission system allows participants to submit as many projects as they choose. It enables them to save and manage their projects as well. Each project must be submitted individually and will be given its own unique submission number.

Technical requirements for entries

A distinction is made according to the entry types STILL and FILM.


A still is defined as a picture that has been created predominantly using 3D software. However, a mixture with real elements is allowed as well as touch ups using 2D paint software. The focus is on the modelling of objects, how materials have been used, and how the lighting and perspective have been implemented considering the picture’s message. The use of new technologies and the submission’s originality will also be evaluated.

Submission requirements:

• Naming convention: please use the entry number as the file name (e.g. 0024.jpg). The entry number will be created by the website after application.
• File format: JPG RGB without compression.
• Resolution: 1920 x 1280 pixels minimum, 8 bit color depth per channel.
• Please register only one still per entry. If your entry is consists of more than one still, please register each one separately and use the same name plus consecutive numbering.

Submissions must be sent via email to, indicating the production title and the submission number, which is provided by our online registration system.


This type serves as a reservoir for films that have been created predominantly using 3D software, as well as compositings. The focus is on how authentic and convincing 3D objects, lighting and camera angles are. However, the dramaturgy, editing and story will also be evaluated by the jury, taking the submission type (e.g. architecture, art, advertising/commercials) into consideration.

Submission requirements:

• The film format should be FullHD (1920×1080 25p) for best possible quality. Lower resolutions are of course accepted, but we would appreciate, if you would scale according to these specifications.
• Please send your entry in one of the following digital formats: AVI, MPG or Quicktime.
• Only standard codecs are allowed. No other codecs (e.g. Hardware-related) will be accepted.
• Naming convention: please use the entry number as the file name plus the file format (e.g. The entry number will be created by the website after application.
• Media and formats: CD, DVD, BluRay, USB-Stick or USB-Harddisc. The postal address can be found within the automatic reply email after entry registration. As an alternative, online-transfer is also possible: please provide a download link, a FTP-Access or make use of one of the free online transfer services such as DROPBOX or WETRANSFER.
• In addition to the film itself, a representative still is required. It will be published in the special animago issue of DIGITAL PRODUCTION magazine, and will be used on the animago website. The still needs to have a minimum resolution of 720 x 576 pixels and 8 bit color depth per channel. Please choose a lossless RGB JPG file format. The still has to be sent via email to, indicating the submission ID and production title. Please use the entry number as file name (e.g. 0024.jpg).

Declaration of Consent

When registering online, the individual or entity submitting the work agrees automatically to the General Terms and Conditions put forward by the animago competition. In the case of commissioned works, the organisers will assume that the individual or entity submitting the work has obtained permission to participate in the animago competition and/or that he/she owns the unrestricted copyright to the submission.

The animago participant’s declaration of consent also indemnifies the organisers of all legal claims from third parties.

The participant agrees to grant organisers all relevant usage and exploitation rights to the works submitted for the purpose of the organisers’ own use in animago-related editorial coverage, marketing, press and public relations work, in DIGITAL PRODUCTION magazine as well as for the production of animago trailers and compilation of the best submissions in the competition phase. This applies to the realms of print and online in both German and English.

The animago participant also gives the organisers the right to publish their submitted work in response to any press requests made by the organisers’ media partners or by any relevant, independent or international special-interest media as part of all animago-related coverage. In each case, all relevant information pertaining to the origins and provenance of the work will be listed alongside the work.

If the organisers plan on showing submitted works and/or complete films outside of the animago jury deliberations and the animago AWARD & CONFERENCE, the organisers are obliged to obtain a separate permit from the individual or entity that submitted the work. In all other instances, the organisers guarantee that the submitted work in its entirety will not be passed on to third parties.

Nomination / Jury / Reader’s Choice

All submitted works will be viewed by the jury board and the DIGITAL PRODUCTION editorial board under supervision by the animago project management team. A shortlist will then be created. After that, the chosen works will be assigned to specific categories.

Jury Voting: animago AWARD 2018

Jury members will view and evaluate all productions contained on the shortlist. The jurors are all independent experts drawn from the fields of film, post-production, advertising and development. Jury deliberations will take place directly after the official submission deadline for entries for the animago AWARD. The date for the jury´s day and the jury members as well will be published in the second quarter of the year, latest until 30 June 2018. Jury Board is Guenter Hagedorn from Hamburg (Germany).

Even after the publication of the jury members the organisers retain the right to make short-term changes to the jury membership as a result of scheduling conflicts and/or personal reasons relating to individual jury members.

People’s Choice: DIGITAL PRODUCTION Reader’s Choice

The prize-winners in the “Best Still” and “Best Feature Film” categories is determined by a reader’s poll. Readers are invited to vote using a voting tool available on the websites of animago and DIGITAL PRODUCTION. The call to vote will be sent out online immediately after the jury deliberation via all channels available to the animago team and DIGITAL PRODUCTION magazine. The three nominated submissions will have been determined in advance by the independent jury.

Prize Money / Prizes

The creators behind all projects that receive nominations will be invited to attend the animago award ceremony, which will take place during the two-day animago AWARD & CONFERENCE (25/26 October 2018). The organisers will cover the hotel costs of 2 people for a maximum of 2 nights at a prearranged hotel that is a contract partner of DETAIL Business Information GmbH. Tickets to the animago CONFERENCE will also be provided for 2 guests per nominated submission free of charge. Travel costs will not be covered.

In the “Best Young Production” category, the winner or winning team will receive prize money totalling 3,000 euros. This cash prize is sponsored by DIGITAL PRODUCTION magazine.

While it is possible that non-cash prizes (software/hardware) will be also handed out in other categories, this remains the sole discretion of the sponsoring company in each category. In other words, cash prizes are handed out on an entirely voluntary basis and are thus not a compulsory part of a contract between the sponsor and DETAIL Business Information GmbH.


• Starting signal for the animago contest: Projects can be submitted all year
• Final Submission deadline for entries 2018: 20 July 2018 for the current project year.
• Jury day: Date and jury members will be published until latest 30 June 2018.
• animago AWARD Gala: 25 October 2018 (animago AWARD & CONFERENCE the 25/26 October 2018)

FAQ / Contact People

A list of frequently asked questions about the animago AWARD and the submission guidelines can be found on the animago website, section „FAQ / Help“

Responsible contact person for the animago AWARD and for all requests regarding the animago contest is
Guenter Hagedorn, E:, P: +49 (0)40 555 20 65

Project Manager for the animago AWARD & CONFERENCE is
Tobias Hager, E:, P: +49 (0)89 381620-596


DETAIL Business Information GmbH
Messerschmittstraße 4, 80992 Munich, Germany
General Management: Karin Lang

Funding Partner

Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs and Media, energy and Technology,

Munich City Department for Culture,

You can already register your work for the next animago AWARD. Allready entered productions are automatically enrolled in the next installment.