Answers to frequently asked questions.

What is the registration procedure?
  • Register as a user at award.animago.com/eng
  • Register your entries online. You will receive a submission number for each entry.
  • Send your still image (or reference pictures for movie or interactive submissions) via email to info@animago.com.
  • If you register other entries than stills, please send your animation ect. on CD/DVD/BluRay/USB stick via normal mail or supply us with a download link or FTP access. As an alternative, we suggest the use of a free transfer service such Dropbox or WeTransfer
What resolution should be used?

We are converting all entries to Full HD (1920×1080 25p) format. To make sure that your entry is presented in the best possible way, please send your material conforming to these specs or in the best quality available to guarantee a full experience for the jury and possibly the audience during the award show.

Some festivals request a screening copy and are asking for a full quality version when the entry is selected. How does the animago AWARD handle entries?

We want our jury to see the best possible quality of your work. This way they can evaluate your work best. We do not have a “preselection” process. It also saves time for our team, as we don’t have to request additional materials from you. Furthermore, each year we’re creating an exciting trailer showcasing the outstanding entries and for this also the send in films are used. So please, don’t send a screening copy – please send your work in the best possible quality.

What file format should be used?

For stills, please use 100% JPG format (no compression). For films, please send us the native digital video file in AVI, MOV or MP4 format, as we will need to import your entry into our editing software. Otherwise a quality loss might be inevidable.

How can I place my entry in an animago category such as "Best Short Film"?

The animago jury will nominate entries for each of the animago categories. Neither users nor participants have influence on this process.

How many entries may I submit?

There is no limitation. You can enter as many stills and movies as long as they go along with our submission guidelines.

Is there a fee for submitting entries to the animago AWARD?

The participation is free of charge thanks to the kind support of our sponsors.

Should I register an entry in more than one category?

Please don’t. The category selection serves as a basis for quantification and for a rough sorting. Our jury will categorize each entry regardless of the registration process, so double-registration isn’t really helpful.

I have a series of still images. Can I register all in just one entry?

No, each still image has to be registered separatly. Please use the same entry name plus a consecutive number to mark your stills as as series.

Where do I find the post address for submitting my entry?

You need to register your entry first. When registered, you will receive an email for each entry containing additional information such as the post address. If you have not received an email, please login again to see, if your entry has been registered. If not, please do it again or contact our team to help. As an alternative you can send your entry via internet (see above).

I want to submit multipe entries. Do I need to send each entry separatly?

Of course not. You can send all your entries in one package and even on one storage media as long as we can figure out, which file belongs to which entry.

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animago AWARD 2016: Mr. Pear | Lilou Studio

You can already register your work for the next animago AWARD. Allready entered productions are automatically enrolled in the next installment.