Matthias Buehler

Founder & CTO

vrbn studios AG


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After graduating from ETH Zurich (MSc Arch ETH), Matthias has worked in landscape architecture, architectural visualization and then has been part of the CityEngine development team for almost five years.

He has a profound knowledge of 3D Modeling, Rendering, Visualization, Digital Sets and VFX in general. He has been the CityEngine Tech Support Lead, has hosted countless international presentations, workshops and trainings.

In the field of 3D Urban Design, 3D Geodesign, 3D Facility Management and Master Planning, he has designed key workflows and pipelines. He was responsible for CityEngine services, consulting, training, procedural city modeling, custom CGA rule development and advanced visualization.

At Scanline VFX, a high end Visual Effects vendor, he worked in the creation of 3D landscapes and cities for film, on the film ‘Independence Day Resurgence’.

Matthias founded vrbn studios (say ‘urban’) as a consultancy and service provider to push 3D design and content creation technologies in multiple sectors, such as Games, VFX, Architecture and XR.