Alexander Bouquet

Chief Production Officer

Jung von Matt/NECKAR GmbH


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Alexander Bouquet works as Chief Production Officer in the internationally acclaimed agency JUNG VON MATT. He started his career at Mackevision, then worked for RECOM, and finally arrived at JUNG VON MATT, headquartered at Hamburg. These agencies formed his focus on the automotive sector.

Now his main task at JUNG VON MATT/NECKAR based in Stuttgart comprises of transforming ideas into great visuals. For this he uses photography, CGI and postproduction.

Motion Design is the latest segment which he and his team work in as part of everyday business. His list of clients include brands such as Mercedes, Audi, Genesis, Hyundai, Porsche, BOSCH, EnBW, Vodafone and many more.


Alexander Bouquet also works as a photographer in areas of Landscape and Still. Furthermore he is a lecturer for Virtual Photography at the Kaiserslautern University in his former course, Virtual Design.