Günter Hagedorn

Jury Chairman and animago AWARD Management

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Günter is a graphic designer and freelance editor who grew up in Hamburg, Germany. Since 2004 he also started in photography. He’s been involved in organising and managing the animago AWARD since it was first launched in 1997.

Günter Hagedorn’s field of work is graphic design, web design, SEO, database engineering, video editing, photography and event management. Publihing houses and medium-sized businesses are his primary customers.

His list of animago responsibilities ranges from handling project submissions all the way to organising the jury meetings and putting on the awards show. Günter works very closely with DIGITAL PRODUCTION – the digital-industry magazine that produces the animago each year – as well as with participants from all over the globe.

“Every year we think ‘OK, it can’t get any better than this’, and every year we’re proven wrong. The creative force of all of our participants is amazing and always transforms the animago AWARD into a visual firework”.

In his limited spare time Günter indulges in people photography. He has written an book on portrait and nude photography and offers coachings on studio work and retouching.

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