Creating FullCG-Commercials for Mobile-/Browsergames

Making-of | Introduction | Intermediate
animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2018

In this presentation Head of Production Florian Dehmel will talk through the complete process of producing CG-Commercials from start to finish.

Beginning with the development of story through concept design and actual production he will describe the necessary steps to bring the clients vision to life. Covering one spot for “Forge of Empires” and one for “Elvenar”, both developed and publishes by Innogames, best practice examples and challenges are presented.

LIGA 01:

Speaker information

Florian Dehmel

Head of Production
LIGA 01 Computerfilm, Germany

Started as a Compositor in 2008, Florian Dehmel quickly became a VFX-Supervisor at LIGA 01.