Idealistic design notions in a commercial reality

Making-of | Introduction | Intermediate
animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2018

Spending your worklife in a 3d agency working for projects that range from ambitious top-of-the-line to the most profane ones requires quite a bit of flexibility in a designers mindset.

In this keynote you’ll be taking a journey from the “take all the creative liberties you need” start of a project all the way down to the inevitable “make the logo bigger by 150%” ending. There’s going to be outlooks on your creative process and you’re also going to dig our teeth into some technical aspects of solving complex problems in a straightforward manner catering for quick turnarounds.

As as example projects for my presentation I have chosen “chroma” which is one of the films that were made for the announcement of Cinema4D R20. Additionally we’ll be taking in depth looks at a childrens movie that is currently in production and see how R20 has been used in the modelling process. There’s going to be Nike on the Screen which is always a good name to drop and there’s going to be goosebumps for sure when we take a look at a design heavy project for Swiss Television.

Speaker information

Matthias Zabiegly

Senior 3D
Aixsponza, Germany

Matthias Zabiegly is a veteran 3d artist who has gathered more than ten years of industry experience. He is currently working as Head of 3D and Set Supervisor at Aixsponza GmbH in Munich.