Making Of TOCA ME Opening Titles

Making-of | Introduction | Intermediate | Expert
animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2017

Join Creative Director Robert Hranitzky in this exciting presentation as he will be breaking down how the TOCA ME 2017 Opening Titles were created.

Get a behind the scenes look how the team created and used a high-res 3D scan, virtual projections and lots of compositing to come up with the final look. Robert will explain the creative as well as the technical approach using tools like CINEMA 4D, After Effects and ZYNC Render.

What what:
Behind the scenes from first ideas to final production, including tips on CINEMA 4D and After Effects.

3D artists, motion designer, students, freelancers, small studios, CINEMA 4D and AE users.


Speaker information

Robert Hranitzky

Creative Director
Freelancer, Germany

Robert works as a designer based in Munich, Germany, with a strong focus on motion graphics and animation for a wide range of projects from opening titles to showroom trailers and film projects.