Better Together? Let’s Talk About Women in German Animation

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animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2019

Today the number of female students in animation or animation related studies often outtakes the number of male students. But the situation in the industry shows a different picture.

Probably, many of you work in all male teams and women in head positions are still rare. There are many reasons why we think it is necessary to talk about the situation of women in German animation. At the panel we want to listen to the inspiring stories and ideas of our panel guests who worked in different countries and industries and can share their experiences.

In May 2019, AG Animationsfilm helped to launch the Initiative for Women in German Animation as a new network that supports women and in which women support each other, that offers targeted information for women in all production branches and sectors, that promotes female talent, and in particular accompanies young women entering the profession and advancing their careers. Join us at the panel because we want everyone interested to join the conversation on women in German animation.

Panel guests:

Melanie Beisswenger, Professor, Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences
Reka Kaloczy, Line Producer, Caligari Films, Munich
Kay Delventhal, VFX Supervisor, Partner Royal Penguins, Berlin
Imke Fehrmann, Producer, Berlin

Informationen zu den Referenten:

Susanne Molter

Freelance Animator
Suelution, Deutschland

Susanne Molter lives in Hamburg and works as a freelance animator for short films and as a producer for e-learning courses.

Melanie Beisswenger

Animator, Director and Educator
Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Deutschland

Melanie Beisswenger has animated almost all around the world and in different animation styles and formats, occasionally also directing her own short form projects.

Reka Kaloczy

Line producer
Caligari Film, Deutschland

Reka has been working internationally as producer, VFX-post producer, creative-development producer, consultant, production manager, outsource manager in 2D-3D animation, VFX, post production, game industry in the past 20 years.