Hologate – How to get 5 million people into VR

Making-of | Introduction | Intermediate | Software Features | Business
animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2019

HOLOGATE is the global market leader for high-end multiplayer virtual reality systems with currently more than 300 installations in 26 countries around the world.

With its futuristic, compact design and the optimized applicability for any location, we have defined the standard of how a modern virtual reality platform can perfectly blend operational, economical, creative, technical and spatial aspects. This talk will cover how we managed to get 5 Million people into VR.

Informationen zum Referenten:

Leif Arne Petersen

HOLOGATE, Deutschland

Through his illustrious 20+ year career working for many of the top studios specializing in visual effects, animation, interactive and immersive media, as well as running his own company, Leif has become a leading expert in the field.