Let’s Just All Go to the Same Room Every Day: Collaborative Creative Problem Solving on Toy Story 4

Making-of | Introduction | Intermediate | Expert
animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2019

As a Sequence Lead on Toy Story 4, Francisco was part of a small team of artists that oversaw the technical and aesthetic goals of an entire sequence, including look development, optimization, debugging, and creative decision-making.

Taking a wider view of the sequence as a whole, rather than focusing on individual shots or elements, allowed us to work with a better understanding of our overall goals, improved our decisions, and fostered good relationships with our colleagues. In this talk I’ll discuss what this looked like in practice, and how it improved the final result.

Informationen zum Referenten:

Francisco DeLaTorre

Sequence Lead
Pixar Animation Studios, USA

Francisco has been at Pixar Animation Studios for 11 years, as a shading and matte paint technical artist, a shading lead on The Blue Umbrella and Cars 3, and as a sequence lead on Toy Story 4.