Photoreal CGI animals for the ad industry

Making-of | Introduction | Intermediate | Expert
animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2019

Boyo will dive into the creation of photoreal CGI animals with many behind the scenes looks into the Postoffice Amsterdam VFX workflows.

Giving an in depth look into their pipeline from sculpting to muscle/skin/fat simulation, fur and final renders. Going deeper into how V-ray helps the team achieve realistic results and how latest updates have improved their fur shader setups.

He will touch on using Phoenix FD for liquid simulations in ads featuring CGI dolphins. How template setups can allow for quick turnarounds from animation to render.

In addition to animals, Postoffice works on crowds and cars projects and their pipeline is transitioning from Maya to Houdini. Boyo will gelaborate on how V-ray for Houdini helps simplify this transition.

Informationen zum Referenten:

Boyo Frederix

Head of Visual Effects
Postoffice Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Boyo has been a VFX supervisor in the ad industry for over 10 years.