The animated character – design and performance

Introduction | Intermediate | Expert
animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2019

Animated characters have the potential to make us fall in love with them, hate them, be sad or be happy with them.

They have the power to take us on an emotional ride along the stories and emotions we experience through them. Both the character design and the animated performance play a crucial role in their success to evoke empathy in the audience and to be believable. Melanie will discuss some of her most beloved characters from animation and dissect the design concepts and acting ideas that make these characters so successful, charming and engaging.

Informationen zur Referentin:

Melanie Beisswenger

Animator, Director and Educator
Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Deutschland

Melanie Beisswenger has animated almost all around the world and in different animation styles and formats, occasionally also directing her own short form projects.