Corona: No animago in 2020

Digital Production and GamesMarkt GmbH have halted planning and preparations for the animago 2020. The incalculability of further corona developments makes it impossible to plan an event in 2020 that is both safe and meaningful for everyone.

Unfortunately there will be no animago in 2020. This is announced by us, the DP and GamesMarkt GmbH as organisers of the event. The reason is the incalculability of the further development of the Corona pandemic and the associated conditions for the realisation of events.

In the past few weeks we have been thinking intensively about how we can shape the animago with its components Award, Conference and Exhibition into a reasonable concept that both guarantees the necessary safety and makes sense for everyone involved.

Despite all considerations we unfortunately came to the unfortunate conclusion again and again: Without compromising on scope, content or the network platform , no animago can be held this year. But “half an animago”, an animago light, is not an real animago – and it is certainly not an event that meets the demands of the artists and us.
(Stephan Steininger, Managing Director of GamesMarkt GmbH)

The team from Digital Production and GamesMarkt GmbH will use the time gained to further develop the event with the involvement of their long-standing partners Günter Hagedorn (jury/competition) and Thomas Gronert (conference). Entries already submitted for 2020 will of course remain in the competition.