Dance theater show in VR at animago

Experience a spectacular and innovative dance theater production in VR.

kontrastmoment celebrated its 15th anniversary and invited clients and friends to a three-day event. The main focus was on the première of the – a dance theatre creation:

A spectacular and innovative theatre production where the boundaries between real and virtual world dissipate and a new level of perception is achieved. The audience is invited to reflect and to live consciously in the moment.

In the narration, the dancers merge with the scenery and the staging of elaborate light installations and video projections in the music carpet of the score and the live act of an violin.

For the Animago, the official trailer of the is shown and selected scenes of the theatre show can be experienced via VR-Glasses in 360°. In addition, further information on storytelling and symbolism, character design and animations, stage design and projection technology, the audio-reactive dress of the violinist will be exhibited.

Light and projection

Choreography and dance

Stage and construction