GTs on GTXs

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animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2017

Starting with his own home GPU workstation, built for personal projects, Andre Matos went through a rapid evolution of both workflow and work-docus. Switching to GPU rendering and starting using CUDA marked a turning point in his career and a complete project pipeline makeover for him – to the point that today he colloquially refers to himself as CUDA-boy.

Today, after building a large, yet still budget freindly GPU renderfarm at his company’s offive, Andre has his work on the cutting edge of automotive visualization – all dedicated to a single, extremely detail-focused client – Porsche AG.

Andre’s presentation may reveal a striking similarity between the design and engineering philosophy behind the world-famous sports cars producer and his own constant strive for faster, better, higher quality images and videos. Through the details and specific workflows behind coping with images and animations of mind-blowing quality, next-to-impossible deadlines and last-minute changes, GTs on GTXs will reveal the real effect and huge potential a GPU solution may have on an artist’s workflow, productivity and work quality. All this, without putting aside the real tips and tricks of creating the visuals for assignments where the correct detail and realism are of paramount importance. Finally Andre will cast a glance at the future with his R&D and expectations into the emerging GPU technologies, the application of new line of photo-realistic scanned materials, made possible by V-Ray RT’s fluent work with Nvidia’s graphic cards.

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André Matos

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Late one afternoon in March 2013, André Matos, born and raised in the Azores (small paradise in the middle of the Atlantic), left his comfort zone searching for a professional challenge in Frankfurt.