Tactile Design and Animation in the Digital Age

Making-of | Introduction | Intermediate | Expert
animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2019

In times of Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Generative Design, the real and human aspect gets pushed further into the background and virtually every mistake can be eliminated.

But small accidents and coincidences in the creative process are often what makes things feel human and interesting, and thereby adds more emotional value to the viewer. Designers needs to connect the digital more with the analog in order to stimulate all the senses of the viewer, rather than invariably focusing on one medium.

Based on past and new projects from the freelance work as an Art Director and the work of IAM ONO, the development process and the interaction of digital and analog design and animation will be shown.

Speaker information

Florian Stumpe

Co-Founder, Creative Director
IAM ONO, Germany

Florian Stumpe is a multidisciplinary Designer and Art Director working in the fields of Artful Live Action, Style Frames and Animation.