Visual Effects Society Panel – The State of the German VFX Industry

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animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2019

Five of the 12 VES Germany board members will talk about the State of the German VFX industry and everyone is invited to actively take part in this discussion.

Thomas Knop, Trixter

Discussion Guests:

Imke Fehrmann, Hahn Film
Thomas Hullin, RodeFX
Simon Spielmann, Animationsinstitut
Julia Strack, RiseFX

VES Germany:

Informationen zu den Referenten:

Thomas Knop

Head of Studio
TRIXTER, Deutschland

Thomas Knop is the Head of Studio at TRIXTER since 2018.

Thomas Hullin

Head of Munich Studio - VFX Supervisor
RodeoFX, Germany

Ursprünglich aus Frankreich, zog Thomas Hullin zum ersten Mal nach Montreal 2009, wo er seinen Abschluss am NAD Center in Design und 3D-Animation erhielt.

Simon Spielmann

R&D Department
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

Simon Spielmann is part of the R&D Department at the Animationsinstitut with focus on software development and real-time graphics for media production.

Julia Strack

Compositing Supervisor
RISE | Visual Effects Studios, Deutschland

Julia Strack has been working in the field of Visual Effects for over 13 years. In addition to that Julia has been representing the Visual Effects Industry as an active board member of the German Section of the Visual Effects Society.