animago CONFERENCE 2015


This two-day gathering is a high-profile event consisting of a conference and an open trade exhibition. The animago CONFERENCE brings together representatives of creative communities working in all digital fields. Leading experts showcase the latest high-end technologies and modern approaches (projects, productions, making-of films and much more) in presentation panels.

Speakers 2015
Kyle Balda, Illumination Mac Guff, France , , Topic: Finding the Character of the Minions

Kyle Balda
Illumination Mac Guff

Topic: Finding the Character of the Minions

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The “Despicable Me” franchise has brought light on the adorable yellow creatures that serve Gru. The chemical reaction between the audience and these characters has called them to center stage in their very own spin-off. Kyle Balda will offer highlights on the feature film “Minions” and explain how they developed three distinct characters out of a multitude of similar creatures.

About the speaker:

Kyle Balda has been working in feature character animation for over 20 years, most notably with Illumination Entertainment and Pixar Animation Studios. He began his career in early 90’s as a student at CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) and soon after joined the crew of Industrial Light and Magic where he animated on such films as “The Mask” (1994), “Mars Attacks!” (1996) and worked as supervising animator on “Jumanji” (1995). After animating the Grim Reaper for Peter Jackson's “The Frightners” (1996) at Weta Digital in New Zealand, Kyle returned to California to work at Pixar on “A Bug's Life” (1998), “Monsters, Inc.” (2001) and as directing animator of “Toy Story 2” (1999). Following a number of years conducting 3D animation masterclasses at renowned European and Asian film schools and directing short form animation projects, Balda returned to feature production in Paris as the head of layout for Illumination’s “Despicable Me” (2010) followed by co-directing “The Lorax” (2012). Balda has since directed a number of short films for Illumination and recently directing “Minions” alongside Pierre Coffin.

Illumination Mac Guff – Showreel 2015

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Nils Camin, Wooga, Senior Artist, , Topic:

Nils Camin
Senior Artist

Topic: "Same same - but different” - Visual Development for Casual Mobile Games

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The process behind developing an art style for mobile games

In 2015 revenues from mobile games will surpass console games for the first time. The massive growth in the last years have helped mobile games becoming a relevant entertainment medium besides film and music. It’s a rough business where many projects get cancelled even before seeing the light of day. With a huge variety of different genres, the scope for art styles, themes and stories is huge. This talk will outline the process of creating an art concept for a new mobile game from the initial idea to a global launch and beyond. Furthermore it will show how powerful story, theme and unique IP is in mobile game prototypes.

About the speaker

Nils is Senior Artist at the Berlin based Mobile Games developer Wooga. Soon after joining the company in 2011 he became part of the Diamond Dash mobile team, Wooga’s first game that got massive on mobile devices with about 113 million downloads worldwide. Since then he has worked on various projects. He loves sketching and exploring new directions a lot, which makes his actual position as art lead the perfect fit, where he is responsible for the art direction of one of Wooga’s new and unpublished games.

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Mike Chapman, The Mill, CG Lead, , Topic: Making the unbelievable, believable; A case study of Audi ‘Birth’

Mike Chapman
The Mill
CG Lead

Topic: Making the unbelievable
believable; A case study of Audi ‘Birth’

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Take a look behind the scenes at the ground breaking and visually striking 100% CG commercial for Audi, ‘Birth’. The multi-award winning 110 second photo-real film was created by Mill+ in collaboration with BBH from initial concept to final creation and directed by in-house by Mill+ director Andrew Proctor. CG Lead Mike Chapman discusses how a team of VFX artists carefully crafted two cars and a futuristic environment entirely in CG over the course of just nine weeks to help create a powerful, mechanical and organic spot.

About the speaker:

Mike Chapman is a CG lead in The Mill’s London studio and has been a part of the 3D VFX team since 2010.

Some of his most recent projects include leading the 3D work on the Cannes Lions award winning fully CG commercial for Audi ‘Birth’, Heineken ‘The Match’ and Lexus ‘Swarm’.

He also led Axe/Lynx’s ‘Even Angels Will Fall’ and 'My Angel Girlfriend' spots and a commercial for hit video game Killzone 3 for PS3. In addition, Mike has also been part of the 3D team who helped bring idents Mini Countryman, a powerful spot for Cycle Safety called 'Use your Head', and a promo for E4’s ‘Beaver Falls’ series to life.

Prior to joining The Mill’s 3D team, Mike was at brand communications agency, Uniform in Liverpool for four years. During this time, he was involved in projects for BBC Panorama 'Stem Cell Research' and Sellar Property Group 'The Shard'.

Mike is a graduate in Technical and Information Illustration from Blackpool and Fylde College.

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Tonio Freitag, Pixomondo Stuttgart, Head of 3D, , Topic: To the center of the Hollow Earth and back, the VFX of the teaser for “Iron Sky: The Coming Race”

Tonio Freitag
Pixomondo Stuttgart
Head of 3D

Topic: To the center of the Hollow Earth and back
the VFX of the teaser for “Iron Sky: The Coming Race”

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Pixomondo is right in the middle of preproduction for the sequel of the indie hit “Iron Sky”. To kick off the crowdfunding campaign for “Iron Sky: The Coming Race”, a 3 minute teaser was produced that was, besides the actors, almost entirely full CG. Tonio Freitag will show how this was achieved with a limited budget from previz to final shot.

About the speaker

Tonio Freitag was born in 1979 and has studied at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. He joined Pixomondo in 2009 and is now Head of 3D at Pixomondo’s Stuttgart office. His work credits include “Only Lovers Left Alive” and “Furious 7” and he has recently completed work on Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Cold War thriller “Bridge of Spies”.

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Florian Friedmann, Pixomondo Frankfurt, Animation TD, , Topic: Creating the dragons of “Game of Thrones”

Florian Friedmann
Pixomondo Frankfurt
Animation TD

Topic: Creating the dragons of “Game of Thrones”

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The presentation will guide the audience through Pixomondo’s VFX work on HBO’s hit TV show “Game of Thrones, based on George R. R. Martin’s books, and will give an inside view of the creative process that brought the dragons to life. Starting from the design of the creatures and the digital creation to the final combination with the filmed actors.

About the speaker:

Florian Friedmann, was born in 1981 in a little village in the south of Germany called Jockgrim. Studying communication design in Mannheim at the University of Applied Sciences his final year project was a 3D short which set him on his course. In 2009 Florian started as a 3D-generalist intern at Pixomondo Stuttgart, but within the same year he moved to Pixomondo Frankfurt to focus on character-animation. Florian has worked on several feature films such as Super 8, Hugo Cabret, The Amazing Spider-Man, Star Trek into Darkness and The Hunger Games among others. He has been widely acclaimed for his character animation work on Game of Thrones. In his fourth season on the show Florian is the shows animation TD for Pixomondo. In 2013 he won a VES-award for "Outstanding Animated Character in a Broadcast Program or Commercial” and he was awarded at both 2012 and 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards for his work on Game of Thrones.

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Florian Gellinger, RISE | Visual Effects Studios, VFX Supervisor, , Topic: How the Gang from R.I.S.E. helped Guy Ritchie's “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”

Florian Gellinger
RISE | Visual Effects Studios
VFX Supervisor

Topic: How the Gang from R.I.S.E. helped Guy Ritchie's “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”

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Guy Ritchie's stylish spy movie “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” kicks off with a high speed car chase through the streets of East Berlin in 1963. While there are few problems associated with shooting an engaging car chase - there are plenty when it's supposed to be in a city that doesn't look anything like it did in the 60s. Shooting in London and making it look like Berlin suddenly made a whole lot of sense...

About the speaker

Florian Gellinger founded RISE eight years ago with three friends and has lead VFX teams on shows like „Avengers – Age of Ultron“, „Iron Man 3“, „Cloud Atlas“, „The Book Thief“, „Captain America 1 + 2“, „Harry Potter 7“ , „Guardians of the Galaxy“, „The Man from U.N.C.L.E.“ and many more.

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Robert Hranitzky, Creative Director (Motion Graphics), Germany, , Topic: Survival Kit: How to Succeed as a Freelance Designer

Robert Hranitzky
Creative Director (Motion Graphics)

Topic: Survival Kit: How to Succeed as a Freelance Designer

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In times when art is just one mouse click away, how do you set yourself apart as a designer? “With creativity, craftsmanship, and communication,” says Creative Director Robert Hranitzky. Join Robert’s fresh presentation and collect indispensable truths and tips for your career – when it comes to managing your finances, maintaining your website, polishing your demo reel, or being in touch with your audience and clients. Take a look behind the scenes at some of Robert’s latest motion graphics projects and learn from the expert what it takes to succeed with your art!

About the speaker

Robert is a freelance designer based in Munich, Germany, with a strong focus on motion graphics design, animation and art direction for a wide range of projects from showroom trailers to film projects and opening titles. Passion and enthusiasm drive him to create beautiful imagery and animation in every project. No matter if it’s live action, 2D or 3D animation – or everything combined. He has worked with clients such Wacom, Adobe, Elgato, Mammut, Audi, BMW, Adobe, Carl Zeiss, Rohde & Schwarz, Nemetschek, Maxon, Apple etc.

Besides working as a creative he also shares his knowledge and experience as a frequent speaker on many shows and conferences around the world.

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Matthias Menz, VFX Supervisor, Weta Digital Ltd., New Zealand, , Topic: Lighting Supervision for “Hobbit 3”

Matthias Menz
VFX Supervisor
Weta Digital Ltd.
New Zealand

Topic: Lighting Supervision for “Hobbit 3”

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Live Action Film Lighting – and its limitations – have created a certain "cinematic" quality that many known Directors are used to.

While the computer doesn’t know about any of those qualities or limitations and everything is pretty much possible, directors like Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Peter Jackson react much more positively when the lighting is similar to the classical cinematography lighting.

In this presentation Matthias will present Weta's approach to the art and craft of CGI lighting to bring the mystery and adventure of such films as “Avatar”, “The Adventures of Tintin”, “Rise” & “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” and “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies” to life. All of which had very positive Director feedback and approvals.

About the speaker:

Matthias Menz joined Weta Digital’s Lighting Team 14 years ago for “Lord of the Rings”. His jobs varied as full time Lighter, Lighting and Sequence Supervisor, DFX and VFX Supervisor. In 2004, he won a VES award for his Gollum Lighting work on “The Return of the King”. Some other projects he was part of were “Iron Man 3”, “The Hobbit”, “The Adventures of Tintin”, “Avatar”, “King Kong”, and the three “The Lord of the Rings”.

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Mathias Möhl, mamoworld, Germany, , Topic: Priceless After Effects Scripts

Mathias Möhl

Topic: Priceless After Effects Scripts

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The community around Adobe After Effects has created an huge amount of scripts and other little tools to simplify and speed up your work with After Effects. But the more of them show up, the harder it is to separate the wheat from the chaff. In this session Mathias shows his favorite little helpers – some developed by him and some by other authors.

And the best part of it: All scripts shown in this session are either “name your own price” or free!

About the speaker:

Mathias is a cofounder of mamoworld and is known for the tools and tutorials he develops for the motion graphics and visual effects industry. He developed popular extensions for Adobe After Effects like iExpressions, MochaImport+, Auto Lip-Sync, Beat Assistant, Cineware proxy and Orient World.

On, Mathias has published more than 100 free After Effects and Nuke tutorials. Some of his tutorials where also published by Creative Cow, Red Giant, Imagineer Systems, and

Mathias studied computer science and worked in his diploma thesis on formal grammars that allow computers to understand the grammatical structure of natural language sentences. During his Ph.D. he worked in the field of bioinformatics where he developed algorithms that assist biologists in the structure prediction and comparison of certain molecules. During and after the work on his Ph.D. thesis “Dynamic Programming based RNA Pseudoknot Alignment” which got the top rating “summa cum laude” he published more than 15 articles in international, scientific conferences and journals.

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Matthew Luhn, Pixar Animation Studios, USA, , Topic: The Art of Story

Matthew Luhn
Pixar Animation Studios

Topic: The Art of Story

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As one of the original story creators at Pixar Animation Studios, Matthew Luhn has heard thousands of great ideas over the last twenty years. Why do some of these ideas make great movies, while others don’t make the cut? The answer: the best Innovators and Directors have a process that focuses their team’s creativity into not only creating great ideas but also creating an environment that inspires and sustains creativity. In Matthew’s keynote presentation, you’ll learn to:

  • Harness the power of innovation
  • Inspire colleagues to embrace the possibility of new ideas
  • Create a culture that encourages and nurtures new ideas
  • Achieve effect group brainstorming by using the “Yes and ...” principle
  • Embrace fear and failing as a necessary part of the creative process
  • Overcome creative blocks

About the speaker:

Matthew Luhn began his career at Pixar Animation Studios in 1992 as an Animator on the very first CG movie, "Toy Story". Since that time, Matthew has worked as a Story Artist on "Toy Story 2" "Monsters Inc.", "Finding Nemo", "Cars", "Ratatouille", "UP", "Toy Story 3", and "Monsters University". Currently he is working on films in development at Pixar.

Prior to Pixar, Matthew attended the CalArts (California Institute of the Arts), and would later be hired as an Animator on "The Simpsons". Matthew grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, where his family has owned and operated "Jeffrey's Toys" toy stores for over three generations.

Along with working at Pixar, Matthew teaches story masterclasses and story workshops all around the world to directors, filmmakers, artists, screenwriters, animators, storyboard artists, and business professionals. His attendees include Apple, Disney, Microsoft, Sony, and many others.

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Polynoid/Woodblock, Germany, , Topic: The Office: One week @ Polynoid/Woodblock


Topic: The Office: One week @ Polynoid/Woodblock

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We’re giving an insight into how things roll at Polynoid/Woodblock in Berlin by documenting how a typical work week looks like, including current production, pitching/bidding, communication in and outside the studio as well as our “work/life balance”.

About the speakers:

The Polynoid directors Fabian Pross (, Csaba Letay, Jan Bitzer and Tom Weber will be the speakers of this session.

About Polynoid/WOODBLOCK

WOODBLOCK is a production company & studio for animated content. Founded by award winning and Emmy nominated directing team Polynoid, WOODBLOCK has its home base in Berlin with additional offices in Munich and Stuttgart. We create and produce commercials and independent short films, game trailers, corporate content and music videos.

With our international roster of directors, we offer a broad range of unique styles and techniques. Our quality standards are on the highest international level and our team repeatedly won some of the most important awards in the animation world. Those awards include SIGGRAPH, VES AWARDS, ANIMAGO or ARS ELECTRONICA.

WOODBLOCK’s client base include Nike, Axe, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Volkswagen, BMW, Greenpeace and many others.


WOODBLOCK is fully owned and run by the original Polynoid team. Polynoid started working together in 2006 on their first short film “458nm” about two biomechanical snails making love. Luckily the film was a big success at festivals and among others brought in a Jury Award at SIGGRAPH and a Golden Nica at Ars Electronica. Afterwards Polynoid worked on a couple of more shorts with the most successful one being ‘Loom’ in which a moth gets consumed by a spider. The Film was Oscar longlisted, won Best in Show at SIGGRAPH and lots of other prices. It was shown at hundreds of festivals and has more than a million views on the web.

Based on the success of this artistic work, Polynoid started to work more and more on commercial projects. Through strong partnerships with Passion Pictures and Blacklist, bigger projects started coming in and the originally 5 person team slowly developed into a fully equipped animation studio. To keep the Polynoid brand true to its style and creative spirit, the next logical step for the team was the foundation of WOODBLOCK. Since then WOODBLOCK has realised projects with some of the biggest and most exciting brands and franchises. With our outstanding expertise in animation we help our clients and partners on every project to create exceptional media content that leaves a lasting impression.

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Mate Steinforth, Sehsucht Berlin, Partner/Exec. Creative Director, , Topic: Pioneering through images – Sehsucht’s world/universe

Mate Steinforth
Sehsucht Berlin
Partner/Exec. Creative Director

Topic: Pioneering through images – Sehsucht’s world/universe

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The next iteration of Sehsucht. We channel the energy of a city that’s constantly re-imagining itself into every aspect of our work, to transform thoughts and ideas into richly textured landscapes that reflect the boundless energy and imagination that surrounds us.

About the speaker

A few years ago, Mate operated as Art Director in the graphic studio Juan Dela Mata in Madrid. His next stop was New York where he worked for the production company PSYOP. 5 years later Mate moved back to Germany to head up the Berlin branch of the motion design and animation Label SEHSUCHT. He holds the Diploma graphic design from the University of Applied Arts Hildesheim and University of Madrid. Being a Creative means always trying to spend time on collaborative projects (recent Faux Images) next to the main projects like VW, Nike, MTV… After spending 12 hours in front of the computer at work, he likes to spend 12 more hours in front of the computer at home.

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Sheldon Stopsack, The Moving Picture Company (MPC), England, , Topic: MPC present: Bringing Arnold “back” for “Terminator: Genisys”

Sheldon Stopsack
The Moving Picture Company (MPC)

Topic: MPC present: Bringing Arnold “back” for “Terminator: Genisys”

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Sheldon Stopsack, VFX Supervisor at MPC, will showcase his team’s work on “Terminator Genisys”. MPC completed more than 200 shots for “Terminator: Genisys”. Working closely with Production VFX Supervisor Janek Sirrs and VFX Producer Shari Hanson, the team’s work included recreating a “young Arnold” T-800 digital character, Endoskeletons, an explosive battle at LAX, various CG set extensions and FX work.

The biggest challenge for MPC’s team was the creation of the iconic 1984 Arnold digital character, for a 1-1 recreation of scenes from the original “Terminator” movie and a brutal showdown between young and old at the LA Observatory.

About the speaker:

Sheldon joined MPC in 2007 as Lighting TD working on “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” and “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. Proving himself to be a key member of the Lighting department, Sheldon soon moved on to Lead Look Development TD for shows including “Robin Hood”, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” and “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” and then on to be Head of Department for Lighting. Sheldon became CG Supervisor in 2012 and led 3D teams on a long list of high profile films including “Dark Shadows”, “Total Recall”, “Skyfall”, “The Lone Ranger” and “X-Men: Days of Future Past”.

MPC Showreel 2015:

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Simon Thomas, Mikros Image, co Head Animation / Creative Director, , Topic: Asterix The Mansion Of Gods

Simon Thomas
Mikros Image
co Head Animation / Creative Director

Topic: Asterix The Mansion Of Gods

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The presentation will start with an in depth making of on Asterix The Mansion Of Gods, unveiling the artistic challenges and technical pitfalls to be tackled when producing a first animated feature. This experience will then be put into a larger perspective to explain Mikros roadmap for developing an integrated studio able to produce several films over multi-site operations.

About the speaker

Simon Thomas is the co-director of the newly established feature animation division at Mikros Image in Paris.

After graduating from SupInfoCom (France), he started his career in 1997 as a CGI artist for visual effects studios in Paris, before exercising his craft in London for over 10 years. Simon started work as VFX supervisor at MPC from 2005, and subsequently established himself as an independent VFX supervisor, earning several awards (BAFTA, VES, RTS) along the way.

He returned to Paris to supervise ’The Lorax’ for Illumination MacGuff in 2010 and joined Mikros Image in 2012 as film supervisor for the animated feature “Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods ”, released in 2014.

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Nicolas Trout, Mikros Image, co Head Animation / Executive Producer, , Topic: Asterix The Mansion Of Gods

Nicolas Trout
Mikros Image
co Head Animation / Executive Producer

Topic: Asterix The Mansion Of Gods

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The presentation will start with an in depth making of on Asterix The Mansion Of Gods, unveiling the artistic challenges and technical pitfalls to be tackled when producing a first animated feature. This experience will then be put into a larger perspective to explain MIKROS roadmap for developping an integrated studio able to produce several films over multi-site operations.

About the speaker:

Nicolas Trout has been pioneering Computer Graphics industry for the passed 25 years. He started his career at TDI and Wavefront as a 3D software engineer in Asia. He then joined Mac Guff Ligne, where, for nearly 10 years, he produced animation and visual effects for many prestigious clients in Europe, Japan and the United States, firmly establishing the Parisian studio as an international player.

Attracted by challenges of animated features, he joined EuropaCorp in 2010 to take over the production of "A Monster In Paris". In 2012 he set up in Paris the animation studio of post-production and visual effects house Mikros Image, in order to produce "Asterix The Mansion Of Gods", the first 3D animated feature based on the famous gallic icons.

He now spearheads the structuring and development of Mikros Animation Studio, overseeing the production of several Animated Features over multiple sites in France, Belgium and Canada.

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Fuat Yüksel, Lead 3D/FX-Artist, Aixsponza, , Topic: Behind the Scenes of

Fuat Yüksel
Lead 3D/FX-Artist

Topic: Behind the Scenes of "Seed" – making of a shortfilm without any briefing and client restrictions

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Fuat Yüksel, Lead FX Artist at Aixsponza, will be presenting an in-depth-behind-the scenes look into the artistic and technical workflow of the Munich-based CG studio.

He will show how the team used different tools and packages within a Cinema-4D-Pipeline to accomplish a VFX-filled short movie as a free project without any clients´ restrictions and briefing. He will talk about using Photogrammetry Techniques, combining Houdini Effects with Maxon´s tools and integrating different render engines to seamlessly accomplish a highly acclaimed project from start to finish.

Project: Seed

About the speaker:

Fuat Yüksel is a Lead FX artist based in Munich, where he works at Aixsponza since 2008. He holds a diploma in Design and Animation from the University of Applied Sciences. Being also graduated in Mathematics, he combines aesthetic and visual expertise with highly skilled technical knowledge in the realms of 3D-Maths.

Using both Houdini as well as Cinema 4D he has worked for various commercial, film and animation projects. Destroying things, blowing particles around, pouring liquid into scenes and simulating physical phenomena is one of his biggest passions. He loves Art being combined with Science, thus creating beautiful imagery he calls "Photosurrealism". He is also a Cinema 4D Beta-Tester since 2011 and a Houdini Engine Alpha-Tester.

Fuat started his CG-career at in 2004, mainly working for Commercials until 2007, then worked for Das Werk, doing Film and Commercial Projects until 2008, when he joined Aixponza. After having gone through almost all aspects of 3D he became an FX Lead, responsible for mainly Particles, Dynamics Fluids and Simulation-Work.

Whenever he can, he always enjoys exchanging knowledge and skills and working in a team with motivated and passionate people.

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Dominik Zimmerle, TRIXTER, VFX Supervisor, , Topic: ANT-MAN: Creating the Yellow Jacket showcase sequence

Dominik Zimmerle
VFX Supervisor

Topic: ANT-MAN: Creating the Yellow Jacket showcase sequence

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TRIXTER is offering an exclusive behind-the-scenes breakdown of the Yellow Jacket showcase clip from Marvel's Ant-Man. You will be able to see how this full CG sequence was created from scratch, from the first storyboard scribbles to the final compositing, focusing on the look development process and the unique challenges of this project.

About the Speaker

Ant-Man (2015, VFX Supervisor)
Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015, Compositing Supervisor)
Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014, Lead Compositing Artist)
Woolfblood, Season 2 (2013, Lead Compositing Artist)
Iron Man 3 (2013, Compositing Sequence Lead)
Cloud Atlas (2012, Lead Compositing Artist)

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Michael Coldewey, TRIXTER, CEO, , Topic: VFX Industrie heute: zwischen Selbstausbeutung im Independent Film und Großaufträgen für US Blockbuster?

Michael Coldewey

Topic: VFX Industrie heute: zwischen Selbstausbeutung im Independent Film und Großaufträgen für US Blockbuster?

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Es fehlt immer mehr der Mittelbau. Man kann in der VFX Branche nur überleben, wenn man entweder bei den ganz großen Projekten/Firmen mit macht oder sich als Einzelkämpfer durchschlägt. Im deutschen und im independent Filmmarkt geht es nicht um Qualität oder gewachsene Strukturen, sondern nur darum, wo ich als Produzent die größte Förderzusage bekomme, egal, ob es dort auch Talente gibt. Die werden dann dorthin “verpflanzt”. Firmen angesiedelt, die keine gewachsene Identität haben, sondern nur austauschbare Fabriken sind. Familien werden zerrissen und es läuft nur so lange, wie die Förderung mit den anderen sich überbietenden Förderungen mithält.

VFX steht in der Zerreißprobe zwischen kreativem, künstlerischen Schaffen und reiner halb automatisierter, subventionierter Fabrikarbeit.

About the speaker


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