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This two-day gathering is a high-profile event consisting of a conference and an open trade exhibition. The animago CONFERENCE brings together representatives of creative communities working in all digital fields. Leading experts showcase the latest high-end technologies and modern approaches (projects, productions, making-of films and much more) in presentation panels.

First Speakers 2014
Richard Arroyo, Head of Games,, Montreal / Canada

Richard Arroyo
Head of Games
Montreal / Canada

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Richard has worked in the animation industry as an animator for a little more than 15 years. It has been almost three years since Ric joined, being one of the responsible for creating and developing the games, rigging, motion capture and creature programs. Previously, he spent six years working in California as Senior Animator , Lead Animator, or Supervisor. During his journey as an artist, he has worked on notable projects such as Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, Karateka, Thor, RainBow Six, Aliens, and FarCry. Now Head of Games and Programs Director, he consults, coaches, trains, speaks and teaches at various events.

Methods & Workflow, Acting, Animating, Directing a Performance

It’s not always the quality of your shot that the audience will remember, but the performance you’ve decided to present them. The main intention behind an animation is to make something that would probably never happen or exist feel believable. One thing is that originality is key and there are many techniques to make sure you are crafting a shot that your audience will remember, whether it’s in a video game or on screen. Behaviors, attitude, state of mind, personality... how to identify them and use them to craft your performance. Learn the process developed by professional animators to take a piece of video reference, analyze and understand what’s important about the motion, how to deconstruct it and break it apart in a way that can be very specifically applied to your animation and improve your workflow as an artist.

Tell us more! (45 to 90 minutes) or (All Day)

The requirements of the Animation Industry is moving and changing faster than we ever expected. With the number of animations and expectation of quality increasing every year, finding the right technique or philosophies for a project can be challenging as much as it can be stressful. We often misunderstand the use of good animation for simply good motion and forget that our main focus as artist and developers is to fool an audience into believing. During the presentation, we will talk about the visual language and how it can steer and leave an impression on the audience, understand that story and performances are a driving force of entertainment and that is incredibly essential for a character to come to life for use to sincerely believe. The attendees will be introduced to similar process used by film, commercial, theater, actors, performers and directors.

Goals/ Objectives

What should participants expect to take out of my master class?

• The Art of Animation
• Understanding the language of your shot
• Advanced Workflow and Techniques

Master Class is aimed towards

Everyone interested in animation, acting, games and film.

The techniques talked in this presentation can be used and shared among designers, producers and artist of multiple fields. Those who attend will be exposed and learn the thought process which can then be adapted for different production needs. From students to practitioners, this master class is for everyone interested in animation, acting, action, games and film. There are no prerequisites in necessary for this master class. Examples may be demonstrated in Maya but can be applied in different software's Member Showcase – Fall 2013

Enjoy some of the best animation from the latest block of workshops

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Thilo Ewers, VFX Supervisor, Pixomondo, Stuttgart / Germany

Thilo Ewers
VFX Supervisor
Stuttgart / Germany

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Thilo Ewers, VFX Supervisor, successfully studied at the Institute of Animation and Visual Effects of the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. His student diploma work "They will come to town" was acknowledged by numerous awards such as VES student Award.

He joined Pixomondo Stuttgart in 2008 as a matte painter and compositor and soon became part of the Los Angeles Office as Lead Environment Artist and later as Environment Supervisor.

In 2012 after 3 years in the Los Angeles office he joined the Stuttgart branch again to work on the award winning TV series Game of Thrones for which he received an Emmy and a VES Award for his environment supervision.

As VFX Supervisor Thilo now oversees the 60 artist crew in Stuttgart.

His film credits include: Ninja Assassin, 2012, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, The Last Airbender, Suckerpunch, Fast Five, Super 8, Hugo, Red Tails, Beautiful Creatures, Oblivion, After Earth, The Physician, Iron Sky 2, Doktor Proktor Fart Powder and Diplomatie.

His TV credits include: Game of Thrones Season 2 and Sleepy Hollow Season 1, 2.


Feature Film +++ Broadcast +++ Commercial +++ Industrial and more

Get a fantastic overview of Pixomondo. The international studio was founded in 2001 and is worldwide known for award-winning visual effects work.

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Florian Witzel, Director/Designer/CG Artist, Industrial Light & Magic, San Francisco / CA (USA)

Florian Witzel
Director/Designer/CG Artist
Industrial Light & Magic
San Francisco / CA (USA)

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Florian Witzel is a Director, Designer, and CG Artist with Industrial Light & Magic based in San Francisco, CA. He specializes in large-scale effects for film and animation with a particular aptitude for the simulation of fluid dynamics and rendering of water and fire, among many other natural phenomena. His recent film involvements on Lucy and Transformers 4 have required his innovative and artistic use of procedural animation, which he is working toward developing as an independent craft.

Mr. Witzel was nominated by the Visual Effects Society for "Outstanding FX and Simulation Animation in a Live Action Production" for his work on Battleship and two times nominated by ASIFA-Hollywood, winning "Outstanding Achievement in Animated Effects" for his work on Pacific Rim. He was also honored to attend the 84th Academy Awards when ILM's Rango won the Oscar for "Best Animated Feature Film."

He is a member of the Visual Effect Society and has been actively involved at SIGGRAPH as a speaker, contributor, and organizer of the Computer Animation Festival. As a German citizen living and working in the United States, Mr. Witzel has been independently awarded the prestigious First Preference EB-1 Green Card for extraordinary ability and sustained international acclaim in his field.

Mr. Witzel studied Media Design at the Georg-Simon-Ohm University in Nuremberg, Germany and Film & TV at Bond University in Robina, Australia. During this time, he worked at various post production and broadcast design companies, joining the highly creative team at Psyop in New York City from 2004 to 2009 as 3D Lead and Technical Director. Mr. Witzel's personal and commissioned films focus on narrative and visually artistic content for film and animation. He lives in Mill Valley, CA with his lovely wife Lindsay.

Industrial Light & Magic, San Francisco / CA (USA)

Check out the latest 60-second Online Spot of “Transformers: Age of Extinction”

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animago LOCATION 2014

Metropolis Hall at Filmpark Babelsberg

Großbeerenstraße 200

14482 Potsdam-Babelsberg


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The themes discussed at the animago CONFERENCE are closely linked to the content covered by DIGITAL PRODUCTION. The trade magazine has been putting on the AWARD & CONFERENCE for the past 18 years.


Keynote speakers in 2013:

  • Eric Smitt: "Lighting at Pixar" (Pixar Animation Studios)
  • Florian Gellinger: "Destruction Design for Iron Man 3" (RISE | Visual Effects Studios)




The various challenges and solutions involved in different workflows are presented in exciting making-of lectures for film and TV productions. Each speaker focuses on different tasks, such as animation, effects and compositing.


Conference highlights in 2013:

  • Thilo Ewers: Creation of the chase sequence through crevices in "Oblivion" (Pixomondo)
  • Andrea Block, Christian Haas: Impressive Work for the Hollywood Blockbuster "White House Down" (LUXX Studios)
  • Ivan Kondrup: Visual Effects in "Ragnarok" (Ghost VFX)



Good character animation is among the most difficult tasks in the field of animation today. In spite of the existence of Motion Capture and Facetracking, many of the characters and creatures are still drawn by hand. The lectures in this field give conference attendees an idea of the basic fundamentals and all the latest workflows.


Conference highlights in 2013:

  • Jan Stoltz: Insight in the Character Development of "Der 7bte Zwerg" (Trixter Film)
  • Carla Heinzel: Tips and Tricks in the field of "Muscle Rigging"



Animation and special effects are also needed in game development and other interactive applications. In these game-centred presentations, speakers discuss to what extent processes and workflows differ from TV and film effects. In the field of interactive media, the theme of Augmented Reality (AR) will most definitely be the subject of one or several presentations.


Conference highlights in 2013:

  • Steven Bender: "Cinematics for Games" (Crytek)
  • Doru-Eugen Apreotesei: "Next-Generation Game Design" (Ubisoft BlueByte)



In the field of product visualization, almost all products are digital. The lectures and presentations in this field will examine and discuss the special features involved in print, configurator and other visualization projects.


Conference highlight in 2013:

  • Franz Brandtaetter: "From Hollywood To Visualization" (Flavor3D (RTT)

Recruiting/Networking Area

At this area of the tradeshow (TRADE FLOOR), which is open to all, attendees can make direct contacts with participating companies, apply for jobs and get feedback on your own work.



On the stage in the open area of the tradeshow (TRADE FLOOR), participants are invited to experience product presentations and 30-minute workshops on different themes, for example on Houdini, ZBrush, Nuke, After Effects and many more.


Discussion Panels

On both days of the tradeshow, there will be a number of "Business Talks" with industry experts. The topics of discussion will focus on persistent challenges and current events in the digital media industry and are therefore subject to change at the last minute.


Among the discussion themes are:

  • "Media Law: We get our images and music from the internet; I publish my demo reel on YouTube … – What is legal and what is not."
  • "Quality in Training and Education: What do universities and academies need to offer their students in order to be able to generate the 3D leaders of tomorrow?"
  • "Working Abroad: Freelancers report on their experiences working abroad".

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