© Ulf Büschleb, animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2016

© Ulf Büschleb, animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2016

animago 2016: The Conference Highlights

Once again our program director went to great lengths in 2016 to ensure that animago’s CONFERENCE program remained top-notch and covered a broad spectrum of industry related topics.

One of this year’s highlights consisted of the Sketch Battle supported by Wacom. Since animago came home to Munich the topic of this year’s Sketch Battle was true to our Bavarian roots: “Draw a Wolpertinger!” – a mystical Bavarian creature uniting different animals in one.

Matt Finke’s keynote „Perspective Tracking in Realtime“, which was possible with the kind support of Dell and Intel, included an astounding on-stage demo and definitely was one of the most anticipated talks of the conference.

© Ulf Büschleb, animago CONFERENCE 2016

Of course these aren’t the only impressions we gathered for you at our birthday event. Additional international speakers were amongst others:

Brandon Jarratt

General TD, Walt Disney Animation Studios, USA
“The Art and Technology of Zoomania”

Adam Habib

Lead Camera and Staging Artist, Pixar Animation Studios, USA
“The Audience’s Eye: Camera and Staging in Animated Filmmaking”

Luis Guggenberger

Senior Concept Artist, Industrial Light & Magic, UK
“Concept design for Star Wars and more”

Florian Gellinger

VFX Supervisor, RISE | Visual Effects Studios, Germany
“Bending Reality for Doctor Strange”

Dominik Zimmerle

VFX Supervisor, Trixter Munich, Germany
“Close Encounter: TRIXTER’s work on ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’”

Rolf Mütze

VFX Supervisor, LAVAlabs, Germany
“What smaller vfx houses can learn from hollywood’s big vfx studios”

Phil Cramer

Head of Animation & Animation Director, Digital Domain, Canada
“Animation on Major VFX films: Independence Day 2 vs. Pixels vs. Deadpool”

Matthias Zabiegly

Head of 3D, Aixsponza, Germany
“Skipping the agency, projects where the studio decides what’s going to be done”

Henning Westerwelle

Managing Director, INFECTED Postproduction, Germany
“Case Study: Mercedes Benz – Backstage – how we created a fully digital music concert”

You can get a general overview of the conference program 2016 here: Conference Program 2016

Of course we will continue to create an extraordinary conference program for you in 2017. Its broad range will stretch from Animation & Visual Effects and Visualisation & Design to VR & AR, as well as to a variety of Business topics. You can look forward to another exciting year! Don’t forget to stop by once in a while for all the updates!