Rebusfarm animago offer

animago AWARD 2017: Deadline Ahead?

With the deadline for participating in this year’s animago AWARD just a step away, you might start feeling a bit nervous about making it in time – especially when sitting in front of your desktop, waiting for your work to finish rendering.

We’re happy to offer you the perfect solution: Rendering with RebusFarm render service! Thanks to their massive cloud computing power, you will receive your render jobs within a remarkably short time and for only 2.9 cents/GHzh. Our partner RebusFarm wants to support you during theses stressful times. Buy anything up to 250 RenderPoints and get 50% free on top of every purchase!

To redeem this special, use voucher code „ANIMAGO2017“ on the payment page*.

Getting started is simple: Just go to their website, register or log-in, download their plugin and you’re good to go! All major 3D software is supported and the integration is seamless and easy to use. If you are new to RebusFarm, make sure to check their Quickstart Guide.

And if you still have some energy left: Enter their 3D Artist of the Month Contest !

* Offer ends 31st May 2017