Highspeed! Deadline is coming!

20th July is your last chance! Make the most of the last days and submit your contribution for this years animago AWARD!

Deadline in 9 days!

Hey there animago friends,
there are only 9 days left for you to submit your work for this years animago AWARD. So hurry up! 20th of July is the date you need to focus on if you want to see your creative work to be considered for our award 2018.

So make sure to give it a go and compete for one of our trophies, which will be distributed at the animago AWARD & CONFERENCE at 25th/26th of October in Munich!

Want to enter? To do so, follow this LINK.

Thank you and good luck!

PS: Headerpic animago 2017 (Jan Rambousek, Petr Milerski, Isabell Mayrhofer, Vojtech Cada & Lenka Rambouskova, Unique & Linited Gallery)