Wacom sponsors “Best Character” category

Wacom joins us once again for animago 2017 and supports the category “Best Character”.

For more than 30 years, Wacom has been working with the most creative people and organizations to inspire them and help them make the world a more creative place. Sensational digital art, films, special effects and fashion creations as well as products and devices of everyday life were designed with the help of Wacom technology.

The vision of bringing people and technology together through intuitive input technologies has made Wacom the leading manufacturer of pen displays, pen tablets, creative tablets and digital pencils as well as eDocument solutions. These technologies support everyone in the intuitive development of their individual creativity – be it an artist, a business man or an enthusiast.

Also in this year, we are looking forward to discover a wide range of inspiring work presented by animago AWARDS in the areas of 3D, visual effects and interactive media.

Wacom will again sponsor the young but very successful “Best Character” category in 2017. As always, we are eager to see the wealth of ideas of the artists who are engaged in this category (and not only in this category) with incredible motivation and passion. The creation of a character already begins with the first scribble and the conceptual drawing still in 2D, the following 3D modeling of a character requires optimal interaction of the artist with his tools. Speed ​​and liquid workflows are enormously important in order to be able to develop creative results efficiently under the pressure of performance.

For us, it’s always great to see how our tools are used to create creative output in the digital world, especially with 3D figures. Giving the characters a very special character and to underline their personality through the slightest changes in the facial expressions can only be achieved if the artist can work intuitively and precisely into the smallest detail. We are proud to have been supporting the creatives of the world for over three decades with the right solutions and working closely with them to continuously improve our products.

 Wacom offers a wide range of practical, professional solutions for the individual style and needs of the artists: the Intuos Pro line with the Paper Edition, the Cintiq Pro Series pen displays and the MobileStudio Pro as the most powerful Windows tablet for creatives, Thanks to their individual settings, the devices can be ideally integrated into the workflow of the creative professionals and adapted to the way they work. An intuitive, ergonomic use is an essential aspect for the development of our products. At the same time, we create the necessary space for creative work. ” says Guido Möller – Senior Manager Solution Consulting Wacom.

At Animago 2017, Wacom will focus on the products of the Cintiq Pro series and the tablet computer Wacom MobileStudio Pro, and will offer visitors the opportunity to look over expert´s shoulders and the products themselves on the spot.

Wacom MobileStudio Pro is designed for serious creative workloads. It’s a full-featured, Intel®-powered computer with the muscle you need to run professional creative 2D, 3D and CAD applications. Multi-layered, hi-res, CMYK Adobe® Photoshop® files? Seven million vertices in your Pixologic™ ZBrush® file? Let Wacom MobileStudio Pro take on the challenge. Choose up to 16GB of RAM, an Intel® Core™ i7 processor and NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics – with up to 512GB of fast storage.

Visitors can also look forward to participating in a 2D Sketch Battle this year.

Last Year’s Winner „Alike“:  Making-Of

Am I raising my children the right way? Parents all over the world ask themselves this question every day, among them Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafael Cano Méndez from Spain. The two men spent five years working in Blender on the 8-minute film “Alike”, which explores precisely this question. The fantastic project won the animago AWARD in the category “Best Character” in 2016.

 You can find its making-of here.