Wacom Sketch Battle 2017

Use a Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13 to give the “Münchner Kindl” a brand-new look at the Wacom Sketch Battle. We can’t wait to see Munich’s “new” coat of arms!

The “Münchner Kindl” is the long-time symbol of the city of Munich. At first, the “Kindl” might look like a “Kind” or child, but it’s actually a monk that has been the emblem of the Bavarian capital since the 13th century. At 6pm on the first day of the animago, digital artists participating in the Wacom Sketch Battle will be asked to give the monk a brand new look. A public vote will decide which illustrator drew the most creative new interpretation and that person will then be crowned sketch battle winner. Participants will be drawing on a Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13. Here’s what you can win:

1. Prize: Wacom Intuos Pro M – Paper Edition
2. Prize: Wacom Intuos 3D
3. Prize: Wacom Intuos Comic

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