Latest news on the animago AWARD & CONFERENCE: speakers, lectures, exhibitors, the award and much more.

27. March 2018

For “Dust My Shoulders off”, the English-language debut of Asian singer Jane Zhang, Grass Jelly studio used a colourful mix of CG techniques to create a highly original music video that breathes vibrant new life into famous works of art.

09. March 2018

The 2018 animago competition season is now officially underway, which means it’s time for us to give a shout out to all of our amazing partners, sponsors and exhibitors! It’s your work and generous support that makes the animago project possible in the first place, and we’re looking forward to yet another exciting event this year. A big thank-you to all of you!

11. December 2017

Inspiration is everywhere. You might even find it on a nearby street. Indeed, when Marek Denko first saw the yellow Volkswagen Transporter parked in front of the home of his daughter’s English teacher, he decided to immortalise it in his next private 3D artwork. “Her Eventual Hesitation” won this year’s public vote and thus the 2016 animago AWARD in the Best Still category.

08. September 2017

Yesterday, the animago winners 2017 received their trophys in the Gasteig Event Location in Munich. This are the projects in the eleven categories.

31. August 2017

The special edition for this year’s animago AWARD & CONFERENCE is now available in our online shop. On Friday, our subscribers will find it in their letterbox. It is packed with all the information about the 33 animago AWARD nominees, the CONFERENCE and other background stories.

30. August 2017

Instead of focussing on some promised pleasure in the great hereafter, most people in modern society are eager to lead happy lives in the here and now. And we have good news for all of you looking for the secret to happiness: start saving all that money you spend on advice books and just watch this year’s animago winner for “Best Visualization”! In their two-minute clip “A Guide to Happy”, Studio Panoply from London reveals the hidden truth behind the mystery of happiness.