Latest news on the animago AWARD & CONFERENCE: speakers, lectures, exhibitors, the award and much more.

10. March 2017

The “Best Motion Design” category celebrated its debut at last year’s animago. In other words, not only since then Sebastian Lange and Peter Hankowiak are able to boast about their Digital Production award for “Urban Surfaces”, they are also be able to say they created the first project to ever win an animago AWARD in this category.

01. March 2017

What would animago be like without its partners, sponsors and exhibitors? Exactly: simply half as exciting as it is right now! That’s the reason we’d like to invite each and every one of you to join us this year – not only as an animago visitor, but as an inherent part of the event.

01. February 2017

Here we go again! Starting today admissions for the animago AWARD 2017 are open. Now it’s your turn to enter your creative projects in the field of 3D ANIMATION, VISUAL EFFECTS, VISUALIZATION & DESIGN

01. January 2017

Once again our program director went to great lengths in 2016 to ensure that animago’s CONFERENCE program remained top-notch and covered a broad spectrum of industry related topics.

01. January 2017

An exhibition that’s bristling with exciting industry representatives and special activities –our goal for every animago EXHIBITION. In 2016, many of our long-term partners decided to join us in Munich together with a few new faces.

01. January 2017

This year the animago guest list had one special name on it: SAE student Thomas Richter, who was responsible for creating the animago’s two 20th anniversary trailers. Richter also spent the first event of this year’s animago at Munich’s Gasteig Cultural Centre with a camera on his shoulder.

01. January 2017

Well, how exactly is a Guide to Happiness created? Who pulls the threads behind the abstract city contortions of Spatial Bodies? And which were the three nominees in the category Best Game Cinematic this year?