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24. May 2017

Am I raising my children the right way? Parents all over the world ask themselves this question every day, among them Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafael Cano Méndez from Spain. The two men spent five years working in Blender on the 8-minute film “Alike”, which explores precisely this question.

18. May 2017

In 2015, the short film “Shave It” from the Argentinean studio 3dar was one of many projects in competition for that year’s animago AWARDS. In 2016, not only did the team at 3dar receive another nomination – this time for their short film “Uncanny Valley” – they also went home with the prize for Best Short Film! The animago jury gave the award to this almost ten-minute work in recognition of its strong storytelling with a touch of documentary flavour. The jury was also impressed with the film’s effects, which were made on a zero budget, seeing as the project was a private 3dar endeavour.

12. May 2017

With the deadline for participating in this year’s animago AWARD just a step away, you might start feeling a bit nervous about making it in time – especially when sitting in front of your desktop, waiting for your work to finish rendering.

28. April 2017

The glut of superhero films has one tremendous advantage; VFX studios all over the world are now working at full capacity on a wide range of versatile FX projects in all departments. For example, a total of 3,000 VFX shots were necessary for the film “Captain America: Civil War”. More precisely, the Berlin-based company Rise | Visual Effects Studio was responsible for the roughly 360 shots involved in the 10-minute “Lagos heist sequence”. The multifaceted VFX work done by Rise was carried out at an exceptionally high level and garnered the immediate admiration of the animago jury across the board.

20. April 2017

In 2016 the animago AWARD celebrated its 20th anniversary. So it’s time to take a moment to look back at the animago’s modest beginnings and reflect on how it’s grown into what it is today, that is, an international focal point for the global VFX and animation industry.