Latest news on the animago AWARD & CONFERENCE: speakers, lectures, exhibitors, the award and much more.

23. May 2018

Esri published new updates for the CityEngine 2018 and reach a new level of usability. CityEngine 2018 update There is a new version of the City Modeling and Analysis Tool and improvements regarding the Visibility Tool, Publishing and Collabs on the ArcGIS Platform. It is…

23. May 2018

This two-minute image film guides the viewer’s gaze through a villa, beginning with the exterior, then entering the living room, gliding through the kitchen, taking in a film in the home cinema, going to bed and, finally, sipping a morning coffee on the terrace. The expert jury at Detail Magazine selected this work by Valentinstudio from Lyon, France as the winner in this year’s “Best Architectural Visualization” category.

This year our whole animago and Digital Production Team will attend FMX 2018 next week! Everyone who is up for a chat and/or wants to share some ideas, thoughts and...

02. April 2018

Just six months after last year’s animago AWARD ceremony in September 2017, the international competition is now headed for its next instalment. In October 2018, the animago will be handed out once again in Munich to the most talented minds in the field of digital media production.

27. March 2018

For “Dust My Shoulders off”, the English-language debut of Asian singer Jane Zhang, Grass Jelly studio used a colourful mix of CG techniques to create a highly original music video that breathes vibrant new life into famous works of art.

09. March 2018

The 2018 animago competition season is now officially underway, which means it’s time for us to give a shout out to all of our amazing partners, sponsors and exhibitors! It’s your work and generous support that makes the animago project possible in the first place, and we’re looking forward to yet another exciting event this year. A big thank-you to all of you!

11. December 2017

Inspiration is everywhere. You might even find it on a nearby street. Indeed, when Marek Denko first saw the yellow Volkswagen Transporter parked in front of the home of his daughter’s English teacher, he decided to immortalise it in his next private 3D artwork. “Her Eventual Hesitation” won this year’s public vote and thus the 2016 animago AWARD in the Best Still category.