Latest news on the animago AWARD & CONFERENCE: speakers, lectures, exhibitors, the award and much more.

19. April 2017

Thomas Gronert has been responsible for organising the animago conference programme schedule for several years now and has worked in the overall media industry since 1994. In 2004, he became the Managing Director of Missing Link Software Solutions GmbH and in 2014 a professor at the Mediadesign Hochschule (MD.H) at their campus in Munich.

04. April 2017

Ever wanted to fight like a Viking, a knight or a samurai? Ubisoft’s “For Honor” lets you do just that. In order to vanquish opponents, players have to combine speed and strategy in multi-player hand-to-hand combat. And it was precisely this game principle that France’s Unit Image visualised in their trailer for the E3 Convention 2016. And, as is to be expected from the four-man directors collective “The Andy’s”, they did so in an extremely impressive way.

03. April 2017

Once again we’re proud to announce another strong partner of this year’s animago. Autodesk will continue to support us and graciously agreed to sponsor the “Best Game Cinematic” category. We’re thrilled to continue our longstanding partnership and welcome Autodesk on board of animago 2017.

30. March 2017

Jana Freund came to Digital Production eight years ago. Prior to that, she worked as an executive assistant at the publishing company responsible for DP. Her new position was called “Event Organisation & Marketing Assistance”. At the time, she had heard of the animago AWARD with Günter Hagedorn and the DC Days, of course, but she wasn’t really aware of how big the project was. Today she ensures that the event can take place every year.

24. March 2017

In 2017 architectural visualizers can again look forward to a special category for their work at the animago AWARD. For the second time, a trophy will be awarded in the category “Architecture Prize presented by DETAIL”. This year for the best moving picture visualization. Here is an overview of the contributions submitted last year in this area.

10. March 2017

The “Best Motion Design” category celebrated its debut at last year’s animago. In other words, not only since then Sebastian Lange and Peter Hankowiak are able to boast about their Digital Production award for “Urban Surfaces”, they are also be able to say they created the first project to ever win an animago AWARD in this category.

01. March 2017

What would animago be like without its partners, sponsors and exhibitors? Exactly: simply half as exciting as it is right now! That’s the reason we’d like to invite each and every one of you to join us this year – not only as an animago visitor, but as an inherent part of the event.

01. February 2017

Here we go again! Starting today admissions for the animago AWARD 2017 are open. Now it’s your turn to enter your creative projects in the field of 3D ANIMATION, VISUAL EFFECTS, VISUALIZATION & DESIGN