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11. August 2017

A thirsty hero, a vicious monster, a Nordic landscape and tips on how to open a beer in the most epic way possible; these are the ingredients in a witty commercial called “Face the Darkness” made by students at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Seeing as the ad wasn’t actually commissioned by the beer company, the student team was free to design their spot at will. And, thanks to its extremely funny narrative and effective technical execution, the film was able to outdo its competitors in the category “Best Advertising Production” in the year 2016.

07. August 2017

The frogs have the whole place to themselves – but why? We only learn the truth at the end of this funny and macabre student film. The jury was immediately won over by the picture-perfect aesthetics of the project and decided in 2016 to give the 20th anniversary animago Best Young Production award to the team from the MOPA School in France. The award is sponsored by DP and comes with a €3,000 cash prize.

03. August 2017

In 2014, Cornelius Dämmrich just missed winning the Best Still award for his work “Haze”. In 2016, however, the 3D artist from Germany finally got the win with his latest creation, “52Hz”. Taking inspiration from a number of sources and references, he produced his image of an astronaut floating next to a phone booth in a foggy night-time landscape using Cinema 4D, Fusion 360, Marvelous Designer and the render engine Octane, the latest system to be integrated into his workflow.

03. August 2017

We are very pleased to announce that NEC is sponsoring the 2017 “Best Still” category and also providing the animago with top-of-the-line technical equipment again this year. In addition, all animago visitors will have the chance to win a 34-inch curved widescreen desktop monitor.

28. July 2017

The camera pans slowly over the skyline of a Japanese metropolis. The overcast sky makes the urban buildings appear somewhat unspectacular; that is, until we see them start to twist and bend like knots, swinging and stretching out into infinity like materials pressed out of an extruder or, even better, like the tentacles of starfish. The structures sway to trance music as if caught in a balmy wind or an ocean’s current, and we, the viewers, appear to float silently by as if we hopped a ride on a Zeppelin.

14. June 2017

We’re always happy to see „old“ faces repeatedly at animago. That’s why we are even more thrilled to welcome Vogelsänger to this year’s animago AWARD & CONFERENCE as an event sponsor for the second time. And they will have a special treat in store for all the animago visitors…

09. June 2017

Wide-open mouths, goose bumps and eyes staring in astonishment; when a game cinematic manages to cause this reaction in everyone in the room – and not just die-hard fans of the game – then you can be pretty sure someone has done their job really well and created something truly amazing. Last year, our readers chose the “Assassin’s Creed: Revelations” Trailer created by Digic Pictures for the best animago contribution from 20 years.